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WE CAN’T WAIT TO WELCOME YOU TO OUR OFFICE.  Your health is our top priority.

Everything we do is with the goal of making your visits pleasant, productive, and efficient because your time is valuable! Your initial appointment will consist of a complimentary consultation, an examination, and digital x-rays (if needed). Depending on the situation, the doctor may treat the patient on the same day or need to take time to correlate all the information.  The doctor will do whatever is best for you.


  • Any x-rays or MRI’s (if applicable)
  • Insurance cards/information
  • Valid ID or Drivers License
  • Complete patient registration forms (from our website)

New Patient Forms

Click on these links to download the forms. Fill them out and print. Then bring them with you to your first appointment.

You will need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to view this file.  Click here to download a free copy of Adobe Reader.

Accepted Insurance

Most insurance plans are accepted at our office.  If you are unsure of your insurance coverage or do not see your insurance listed below, please call or email us with your insurance questions. Our staff will verify your benefits for you.  We submit all insurance claims for your convenience.

At Gilmore Chiropractic, we offer very affordable CASH OPTIONS and WELLNESS PLANS if patient’s don’t have insurance or if their insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Chiropractic



What Does a Chiropractor Do?


The doctor of chiropractic analyzes your body for vertebral subluxation, a severe form of spine and nerve stress, using his/her hands and other analysis tools, and then corrects or removes any spinal nerve stress using various spinal adjustment techniques.

When Did Chiropractic Started?


The first chiropractic patient was treated  in 1895.  Dr. D.D. Palmer performed the first chiropractic” spinal adjustment” on his deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard. Lillard’s hearing returned and Palmer thought he had discovered a cure for deafness. But as patients with digestive troubles, sciatica, menstrual trouble, migraine headaches, epilepsy, heart problems, back pain and many other conditions responded to spinal care, Palmer realized that he had discovered something more far-reaching indeed.

What is Subluxation?


Subluxations come from stress.  It may occur in infancy from a difficult birth or from childhood falls.  Later in life, emotional tension or stress can gradually damage your spine or violent injuries from automobile accidents or sports can suddenly knock you “out of whack”.

Nearly everyone eventually gets spinal nerve stress and so is affected by subluxations.  It is a “hidden epidemic” and it is for that reason that we all need to have our spines checked for this condition by a doctor of chiropractic every once in a while, just as we get our eyes, teeth and blood pressure checked!

What Is Spinal Adjustment?

963Chiropractors perform treatments by working with the bones and nerves of the spinal column and spinal cord respectively. Chiropractors spend years of highly specialized training in order to locate where misplaced spinal vertebrae are impinging the nerves which travel down the spinal cord and out through the spinal column to the muscles, organs and glands of the body.  After locating the vertebrae impinging the nerves (subluxations) the chiropractor, using various highly specialized techniques, is able to replace the misplaced vertebrae and thus release pressure on the nerves. That is called a spinal adjustment

Chiropractic Care Only For Spinal Cord?


All kinds of conditions are treated with chiropractic care, such as colds or ear infections, PMS, spinal or disc problems, arthritis, insomnia, stress, vision problems, headaches, allergies, bedwetting, colic, high blood pressure-the list is long! And yet, please remember, the goal of chiropractic treatment is not the treatment of disease but rather the enhancement of health through the reduction of spinal nerve stress (vertebral subluxation complex).

The above list may seem long as though chiropractic were a Panacea. The truth is that most textbooks list over two hundred diseases. Please be mindful of the fact that chiropractic care is not like one drug used for one condition, but on the contrary, it is a complete healing art within itself, concerned with the systems of the body such as nervous, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, eliminatory, reproductive, hormonal, musculoskeletal, etc., and seeks to correct health problems within those systems.

Can Medical Patients Have This Treatment?

You can receive chiropractic treatments even if under medical care.  Having your spinal nerve stress corrected is important no matter what other type of care you’re receiving. You can have your spinal column checked for vertebral subluxations by a doctor of chiropractic and still visit a doctor of homeopathy, naturopathy, osteopathy or medicine. M.D.’s and other healers cannot tell if you’re suffering from spinal nerve stress (vertebral subluxations) and are not trained in correcting it.

No matter what disease or condition you have, you can benefit from a healthy spine. Spinal health can be as important for your overall healing as proper nutrition. Are you and your family carrying the silent killer, the vertebral subluxation complex, in your spines? Only a chiropractic spinal checkup can tell.

Post Chiropractic Treatment Care

In Chiropractic there are other significant factors besides vertebral adjusting, including five laws to obey for those who desire health and longevity:

  1. Proper nutrition
  2. Adequate rest
  3. Moderate exercise
  4. A positive mental attitude
  5. Proper nerve supply.

Among the many things contributing to your health:

  • The quality of the air
  • Food and water you take in
  • How you handle emotional stress
  • Your inherited weakness and strengths
  • Your use of drugs, exercise, and relaxation
  • A healthy spine is absolutely essential
  • In some people it is a major factor and can make the difference between a life of health
  • Strength and vitality or a life of disease, weakness and disability

Patient Reviews:

Kelli Thompson
Kelli Thompson
13:36 21 Sep 17
I never knew much about chiropractic, but now I couldn't imagine going on without it. Dr. Gilmore has helped so much with my allergies and constant headaches. After just a few weeks of adjustments I was able to completely kick all of my allergy medications - I was taking three separate medications per day so this was a blessing in itself. Not to mention he is such a knowledgeable and considerate doctor, and I know that I am in the best hands under his care. I highly recommend going to see him!read more
Christopher Teske
Christopher Teske
15:14 21 Sep 17
I was diagnosed with a few conditions in my lower back in November of 2015. My orthopedic surgeon recommended doing physical therapy so we could try and put off surgery as long as possible. Physical therapy did nothing for me. I had trouble going from sitting to standing completely upright and I had constant aching pain. The sad part of the story is that I’m not even 30 yet! I used to see a chiropractor in high school for neck issues so I figured I’d give chiropractic a try for my conditions. I started out going 2 times a week every week and I noticed my pain was gradually subsiding. I now go once a week just to keep up with it, but I barely have any pain. I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made! Dr. Gilmore and his team are fabulous! I love knowing that I can walk in whenever and be seen within the hour. I just wish they were open on fridays too. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of relief of their back more
David Dean
David Dean
14:41 20 Sep 17
Dr. Gilmore has great bedside manner. He was honest and accurate about my condition and the expectations of improvement of pain relief and functionality of my back. I have been going for over five years and highly recommend him. If you're skeptical about chiropractors (as I was) but do not want to take a life time of pills and would like avoid the risks of surgery then give him a more
Lauren Hepler
Lauren Hepler
00:53 28 Sep 17
Dr. Gilmore is a great listener and really works to try and understand your individual issues. I am a rather complex case and he still hasn't given up working with me. He is very knowledgable, but will tell you if he doesn't know the answer to your question rather than beat around the bush with you like some doctors do. I have seen other chiropractors, and I drive an hour and a half just to see Dr. Gilmore!read more
Abbi Espe
Abbi Espe
00:30 27 Oct 17
When I first came to Gilmore Chiropractic, I was in tears with severe pain. Dr. Gilmore took the time to take X-rays and thoroughly evaluate my condition. He wanted to address the real problem as opposed to merely treating the symptom. He and his staff genuinely want their patients to be pain-free and well! I highly recommend Dr. Gilmore!read more
Torie Smith
Torie Smith
22:40 07 Feb 18
I love going to Dr. Gilmore for so many reasons! 1. The front desk ladies are always so friendly, professional, and upbeat. 2. Dr. Gilmore is down to earth and awesome at his job. 3. It is always clean and everyone is so positive. 4. My back has never felt better! Everyone should go here!!read more
Taylor Raymond
Taylor Raymond
15:18 08 Feb 18
Dr. Gilmore and staff have been very helpful and professional. They took the time to learn my specific needs and have continued to work hard towards healing my more
Leah Haley
Leah Haley
01:00 25 Mar 18
Good stuff had never been to a Chiropractor. Had neck pain - left and my neck hurt worse for about 45 minutes. Miraculously it never hurt again after that!read more
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson
16:49 26 Apr 18
I highly recommend Gilmore Chiropractic. Dr. Gilmore and his staff are just fantastic and with all of the lower back problems I have had recently I couldn't imagine getting any relief but thanks to Dr. Gilmore, I feel like a human being again! The gals at the desk are very helpful and friendly and make you feel at home plus it is a beautiful facility. Thanks for all you do!read more
Alex Payne
Alex Payne
20:05 27 Jun 18
I started seeing Dr. Gilmore after dealing with some back/knee pain for a couple weeks. He came highly recommended by a colleague I work with, and I can say my experience was even better than I expected. The treatment plan he put me on eliminated my pain quickly. And, he and the "Gilmore Girls" (his team) are very friendly and personable, which makes going to his practice a more
Tonya Larson
Tonya Larson
14:30 28 Jun 18
I would highly recommend Dr. Gilmore! He has taken great care of myself and my daughter.
Shilo Buhl
Shilo Buhl
15:13 28 Jun 18
The staff is amazing and helpful, their willing to work with your schedule. Dr. Gilmore is a really good chiropractor.
Dana Obuch
Dana Obuch
21:24 28 Jun 18
Terrific and responsive staff. Dr. Gilmore is kind and knowledgeable. Office is new, inviting and small to no wait time. I appreciate that they accommodate my busy schedule sometimes with very little more
Wendy Booker
Wendy Booker
22:55 28 Jun 18
Dr. Gilmore is kind, caring and compassionate. I have been seeing him for the last 7 years for back pain and he keeps me functional in my daily life. Kelli and Hannah are always smiling and friendly. If you are need of chiropractic care, search no longer, just make an appointment. You will not be disappointed!read more
Nathan Shields
Nathan Shields
23:00 28 Jun 18
Dr. Gilmore and his office staff are so refreshing. My family has tried several chiropractors over the years and have always felt pressured and “sold” on more visits or supplements or whatever seminar was currently in fashion. We have always felt very comfortable with Dr. Gilmore since our first visit. We feel we get great care and just genuinely enjoy getting to know the team more
Allison Hunt
Allison Hunt
13:01 30 Jun 18
My son (3.5) and I have been going to Gilmore chiropractic for several years now. The staff is amazing, and we always feel so welcome! I would highly recommend Dr. Gilmore. I had severe issues with my back and sciatic nerve and it was hard to even walk for three months, but he helped me get through more
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson
00:56 03 Jul 18
I brought all three of my kids in, (all under the age of 4), due to reoccurring ear infections. I only wish I knew sooner that chiropractic would benefit them so much. I was hesitant at first because they’re so young, but Dr. Gilmore is very gentle and made us feel extremely comfortable. He and his team are very welcoming and I would definitely recommend seeing him if you are interested in chiropractic care!read more
Megan Room
Megan Room
20:48 03 Jul 18
Dr. Gilmore , Hannah, and Katie are like family! I have been seeing dr. Gilmore for 3 years now; Since I was about 5 months pregnant and having extreme low back pain. He is so nice, gentle and explains every treatment. He is Not only good with me but my 2 year old daughter as well. At the front desk, Hanna and Kelly are so friendly, sweet and helpful also. They too are great with my daughter. My whole extended family also goes to see Dr Gilmore now. I recommend everyone that is seeking chiropractic help to Dr Gilmore and ladies. They treat you like family!read more
Andrea Foster
Andrea Foster
13:25 04 Jul 18
I have been going to Gilmore Chiropractic for almost three years. I had sever lower back pain. Dr. Gilmore did x-rays initially and then sent me for an MRI. I was diagnosed with two herniated discs in my lower back. Dr. Gilmore felt strongly that he could help me without having to go through any surgery. I have been going in for adjustments twice a week since then. The way my back feels today is 95% better than when I first started treatment. I cannot recommend Gilmore Chiropractic more highly. I have told several acquaintances about this amazing practice. Each patient is treated with kindness, respect, and is given the time necessary for effective treatment. They are very flexible in terms of scheduling appointments. They maintain business hours that accommodate times of day that fit into the patient's schedule. Hannah and Kelly are exceptional associates. They are always cheerful and welcoming. I have never seen them have a bad day. That is a rare characteristic for a practice that is constantly busy. they work great as a team. The payment options are also great. The monthly payment option allows you to go in for as many adjustment appointments as you choose. It is a fantastic deal for those people that go multiple times within the month. I will continue to recommend and refer other to Gilmore Chiropractic in the future. Keep up the good work!!!read more
Melissa Harvey
Melissa Harvey
03:25 30 Jul 18
Dr. Gilmore has helped me tremendously with my back problems. He shows compassion, & I feel he has consistently kept my best interest in mind when considering treatment options for me. The staff is always friendly and genuinely helpful. They maintain flexibility in their schedule so my appointments can be at the most convenient times for me. I would highly recommend this practice to my family & more
Megan Room
Megan Room
21:59 03 Jul 18
Dr. Gilmore , Hannah, and Kelli are like family! I have been seeing dr. Gilmore for 3 years now; Since I was about 5 months pregnant and having extreme low back pain. He is so nice, gentle and explains every treatment. He is Not only good with me but my 2 year old daughter as well. At the front desk, Hannah and Kelli are so friendly, sweet and helpful also. They too are great with my daughter. My whole extended family also goes to see Dr Gilmore now. I recommend everyone that is seeking chiropractic help to Dr Gilmore and ladies. They treat you like family!read more
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